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A New Direction

As we move into the (sporadically) warmer months, it is a very good time to look around your abode and office and assess. Does the space simply need a good cleaning? Are you pretty well organized and conducting life and business in a space reflective of you post Covid?

Or, do you really need to dismantle your environment room by room and Spring Summer clean? Ditch the excess clutter and chotsky? Reimagine the room in a more current and evocative color or overall design direction? This process can feel daunting but with a few guidelines, it can be quite simple, productive and inexpensive.

First, envision what you want the space to feel like: does it need to function better for meeting clients, entertaining family and friends, supporting your self care goals? I often offer guidance to my clients regarding their home spaces have multiple functions as needed. Family room as tv space and yoga studio, home office as business center and craft room. You get the idea. With some forethought, you can assign zones within a room to create greater functionality.

Second, hire a housekeeper for several hours once you have dismantled your room. Have them clean top to bottom, cobwebs to baseboards and floors. This alone can implement a giant shift in the energy of the room. While your housekeeper works, go through all the paper, decor and visible items that make up the visual field in the room. What things can be recycled, given away, packed away for a different season? What items no longer align with the vision and new feeling of the room? Let go of them.

Third, if your floor plan allows, reconfigure the furniture in a new and interesting way. Place a rug under the desk. Face the desk toward the prettiest view, and add a lovely new piece of art in a pleasing color composition that evokes the vision of your business direction. Another simple, effective update is to paint a focal wall. Perhaps it is the wall the desk sits in front of, or the wall the entrance door is on. Choose an energizing color if it is your office or choose a muted calm tone if it is your sanctuary. This new color can inspire you each time you enter the space. It can breathe new life into your goals and vision for the future.

Lastly, be courageous in refining your vision for your space and spaces. If you come up with a design direction first, you can continue to layer in special items that inspire you and support your best work, play or relaxation in the environment. Create a Pinterest board with looks that make you happy, design a color palette that will inform furniture, art and decor, pull pieces from other parts of your home that you can make function well in the new room. A change in the scenery doesn't have to cost much, it is all in the art of planning and placement.

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