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Design Love

On this Valentine's Day 2022, I am inspired by the design beauty that has burst onto the scene as we put C19 in our rear view mirror, and here in California, move into the warmer, longer daylight months. Everywhere I look, I am seeing all tones, shades and tints of terracotta, mustard and Robin's egg. Greens are ubiquitous as people find ways through live plants, upholstery, art or Ben Moore's October Mist/Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog to enliven their home offices and environments that play professional as well as more deeply personal since the lockdown.

Furniture styles have come around to curvier, more tactile pieces with softer edges that beckon us to stop and sit awhile. What's the real hurry anyway? Finishes and lighting are focal to beautiful, composed spaces with the warm brasses and matte blacks making grand appearances. Earthy woods of multiple shades and textures also warm things up and create a grounded yet elevated atmosphere.

We have realized the importance of our surroundings as being intertwined with our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing in a way most hadn't before March 2020. Enjoying a lovely room, home or office is no longer a luxury, but a core necessity. As we zoom into the Spring of 2022, I am wishing you to see your space with fresh eyes and create something that represents you as you are in Love.

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