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Not Your Auntie's Wallpaper

One of my favorite trends right now is the resurgence of beautiful, fanciful, textural wallpaper. You can't open a home magazine and flip a few pages without coming across some gorgeous, colorful, magical room wrapped like a gift in wallpaper. These rooms make a bold statement through updated style and design ambition.

My Auntie had a mural in her home for years while I was growing up. It was in the front room as you entered the house and covered the entire wall ceiling to floor. It was quite beautiful: a forest scene with the light of the Sun shining low through the trees and creating a glow. Or rather, in real life, that scene would have created a glow. Year over year, I loved walking into my Aunt's house and being greeted not only by her warmth, but by the warmth and energy of that view.

Tropical, geometric, metallic, nautical, art deco, ombre, faux hide, grasscloth, floral, large print, small print, mural, the possibilities are as endless as the combinations of lighting and color that enliven the spaces gifting us with their beauty and individuality.

These days wallpaper can be installed in an hour, a day or longer depending on the size of the space and the complexity of the wallpaper. It is a great way to imbue a pop of personality or to try a new color story with little commitment. Wallpaper can now literally peel and stick and also easily wipe clean, making it a gift that keeps on giving.

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